Leggiuno on Lake Maggiore: Hermitage, Beaches and Culture

Leggiuno, the pearl of Varese on Lake Maggiore. Explore the Hermitage of Santa Caterina, enjoy the beaches of Arolo and Reno, and immerse yourself in history.
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Leggiuno, the pearl of Varese on Lake Maggiore. Explore the Hermitage of Santa Caterina, enjoy the beaches of Arolo and Reno, and immerse yourself in history.

Where Leggiuno is located

Leggiuno is situated in a picturesque location, at the foot of a hill that could be the Mirasole, immersed in a landscape that has seen the presence of man only in times following the withdrawal of ancient glaciers. This locality, with traces of Neolithic and Bronze Age settlements, reveals a rich and complex past, evidenced by archaeological findings that tell of a historically significant and culturally rich area, situated in a geographic setting of considerable natural charm.

What to do in Leggiuno

In Leggiuno, the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso invites a spiritual journey on the waters of the lake. In addition to this historic gem, the churches of Saints Primo and Feliciano and the Oratory of Pier Giorgio Frassati tell stories of faith and art. The beaches of Arolo and Reno offer moments of relaxation and recreation, while local restaurants delight with lake specialties, promising an authentic and charming experience.

The Municipality of Leggiuno

The municipality of Leggiuno, once autonomous and part of the province of Como, has evolved through significant changes. In 1927, it was incorporated into the new province of Varese and joined with Sangiano and the hamlets of Arolo, Ballarate and Cellina, forming the municipality of Leggiuno-Sangiano. In 1963, Leggiuno separated from Sangiano, keeping the hamlets as an integral part of the municipality, testifying to its rich history and adaptability to administrative changes over the years.

How to reach Leggiuno

Reaching Leggiuno, nestled on the Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore, is an experience that begins as early as the journey. This gem is easily accessible for those coming from nearby Switzerland as well as for mountain lovers, with ski facilities and hiking trails within easy reach. The Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso, a wonder perched on the lake, can be reached either on foot or by boat, offering a unique adventure between history and nature. With Leggiuno strategically positioned, visitors can enjoy both lakeside charm and alpine adventures, making the journey to this municipality an ongoing discovery.

The inhabitants of Leggiuno

The residents of Leggiuno, live in a multicultural and linguistic context, where the western Lombard dialect is mixed with different languages, reflecting an open and inclusive society

Sports and leisure in Leggiuno

In Leggiuno, fans of sports and outdoor activities can find a variety of leisure options. From hikes at the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso, accessible both on foot and by boat, to relaxing days spent on the beaches of Arolo and Reno, Leggiuno offers the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. The municipality is also home to sports clubs such as the UHC Varese Wild Boars for floorball/unihockey and rowing teams, ensuring opportunities for every type of sportsman.

Historical and artistic background in Leggiuno

Leggiuno, with its history rooted in Roman times, witnesses a rich archaeological and artistic heritage. From archaeological finds revealing ancient pagan places of worship, to the construction in the 7th century of the church of St. Siro, to the translation of the remains of Saints Primo and Feliciano, Leggiuno holds centuries of faith and history. The parish church of St. Stephen and the church of Ss. Peter and Paul in Arolo, with their roots in antiquity and renovations in the 19th century, reflect the historical continuity and the community's commitment to preserving its heritage. Moreover, the municipality is enriched by economic activities ranging from the textile industry to engineering, demonstrating a unique ability to combine the appreciation of its past with the needs of the present. The presence of forested trails and the promotion of sporting activities such as mountain biking highlight Leggiuno's commitment to promoting an active and sustainable lifestyle while enhancing its rich natural and historic surroundings.

The patronal festivals in Leggiuno

In Leggiuno, devotion to St. Stephen is manifested in his patron saint's day, celebrated every year on December 26. This anniversary becomes a time of deep communion for the community, which gathers to honor its patron saint with religious ceremonies and activities that strengthen the bond between citizens. On this special day, Leggiuno is dressed in festive garb, combining faith, tradition and conviviality in an atmosphere that reflects the welcoming spirit and cultural richness of the place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Leggiuno located?
Leggiuno is a small town located in the province of Varese, overlooking the Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore. It is surrounded by the towns of Laveno Mombello, Monvalle, Besozzo, and Sangiano, and its lake waters directly overlook the renowned Borromean Islands.
What to see in Leggiuno?
Leggiuno, known for being the birthplace of Gigi Riva, is most famous for the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso, an ancient monastery rising above the waters of the lake that has become an important place of worship and pilgrimage. In addition to the Hermitage, the patron church of Saints Primo and Feliciano, the Oratory of Pier Giorgio Frassati and the historic church of San Primo are worth a visit. The beaches of Arolo and Reno, with their unique features, attract visitors seeking relaxation on hot summer days.
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