Valpiccola: Here The Numbers That Transform the Territory

Explore data on Valpiccola traffic. Discover the main sources of visits and the geographic distribution of users. Uncover insights into our growth and reach.
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Welcome to Valpiccola, the leading technology platform dedicated to territorial development. Our vision is to transform specific regions, starting on the north Lombard side of Lake Maggiore, through innovative digital capabilities. We aim to prove that improving an area can be the springboard for further expansion.

Visit count by month

This graph shows a monthly breakdown of the number of visits for a period from the end of 2022. It highlights the number of visits for each monthly, revealing trends and fluctuations in visitor engagement over time.

Main Referrals

This graph presents data on the sources of website visits. The data show a diverse range of referral sources, indicating the various avenues through which visitors are directed to the website.

Most visited countries

This graph illustrates the geographic distribution of website visits.

Major cities

This graph provides a complete breakdown of website visits by city.
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