Lake Maggiore Cruises: Updated Ferry Timetables and Prices

Lake Maggiore Ferries: Comprehensive guide with updated timetables, advantageous prices, and essential tips for an unforgettable experience on Lake Maggiore.
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Embark with Navigazione Laghi to discover the main routes around Lake Maggiore on board ferries and boats. Take advantage of advantageous fares and timetables designed to guarantee navigation that fits in perfectly with your plans. Buy your ticket now and let yourself be guided to discover the wonders of Lake Maggiore.
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Laveno Intra Ferries

Dive into the scenic beauty and convenience of the connections between Laveno Mombello and Intra, two pearls of Lake Maggiore linked by over 80 daily ferry services. This service is essential for both commuters and vehicle transportation, starting early in the morning and running late into the night, with an online table for schedules and prices.

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Borromean Islands Ferries

Discover the wonders of Lake Maggiore by visiting the Borromean Islands, accessible with a convenient ferry service. This page guides you through the schedules, offering departures every 30 minutes in the high season, and the affordable prices, with discounts for families and children. The details for the coming days are clearly displayed in a handy table.

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Luino Market Ferries

Explore the attractions of Lake Maggiore with ferries to the Luino market, a true gem of the region, offering direct connections from various locations. The journeys are frequent and allow you to dive into the lively market atmosphere, with an online table to check the updated schedules and prices.

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Luino Cannero Riviera Ferries

Embark on a peaceful and scenic journey between Luino and Cannero Riviera, two jewels of Lake Maggiore. This route offers reliable and punctual service, ideal for explorers, residents and those who wish to discover the wonders of the lake in comfort.

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Luino Cannobio Ferries

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of Lake Maggiore by sailing between Luino and Cannobio, two fascinating destinations united by an efficient and scenic ferry service. This route not only facilitates travel but also provides unforgettable moments thanks to the breathtaking views and the comfort of the journey.

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Angera Arona Boats

Immerse yourself in the heart of Lake Maggiore with daily boats between Angera and Arona, two towns rich in history and culture. This service not only connects two important destinations but also envelops you in a scenic journey, offering a unique perspective on the natural and architectural beauty of the area.


Overview of ferries and boats on Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore, with its sparkling waters and enchanting landscapes, is a jewel of travel. For decades, the Lake Navigation Management has offered public water transport service that combines comfort and safety. With a significant fleet dedicated exclusively to Lake Maggiore, the entity is committed to enhancing the local environment and culture. Each trip becomes an unforgettable experience, an immersion in the beauty and traditions of the lake. Their mission? To turn each crossing into an emotion, guiding visitors to discover this fascinating corner of Italy.

Navigation on the villages of Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore is surrounded by picturesque villages and islands that define its unique personality. Navigazione Laghi masterfully connects these places, offering visitors the opportunity to discover the different facets of the lake.

  • - Arona: A charming village with a rich history and breathtaking views of the lake.
  • - Angera: Famous for its Rock, it offers views that look like something out of a postcard.
  • - Ascona & Locarno: Two Swiss gems that shine with culture and festivals.
  • - Baveno & Stresa: Gateway to the Borromean Islands, with elegant villas and gardens.
  • - Belgirate & Meina: Small villages that offer tranquility and picturesque views.
  • - Brissago & Brissago Islands: A Swiss nature oasis with a unique botanical garden.
  • - Cannero Riviera & Cannobio: Lakeside villages with beaches and promenades.
  • - Carciano: Starting point for exploring the Borromean Islands.
  • - Intra & Pallanza: Beating heart of Verbano with markets and museums.
  • - Isola Madre, Isola Bella & Isola Superiore: The famous Borromean Islands, each with its own uniqueness.
  • - Ispra & Laveno: Two quaint villages with harbors and scenic cable cars.
  • - Luino & Maccagno: Known for weekly markets and beaches.
  • - Oggebbio & Santa Caterina: Hidden villages amidst greenery and crystal clear waters.
  • - Villa Taranto: A botanical garden that is a riot of colors and scents.

Every town and island has a story to tell, a landscape to admire, and traditions to discover. With Navigazione Laghi, Lake Maggiore is revealed in all its magnificence.

The Fleet on Lake Maggiore

Navigazione Laghi has always been a benchmark for navigation on Lake Maggiore, offering high-quality transportation service through a diverse and well-maintained fleet.

This fleet includes several series of motor vessels, including the well-known "Alpine" series, which is just one of many plying the waters of the lake. Each vessel is designed to meet the diverse needs of passengers, ensuring comfortable, safe and scenic travel. With capacity varying by size and type of motor vessel, the fleet can accommodate both small groups and large crowds of tourists.

Dedication to ship maintenance, innovation and upgrading demonstrates Navigazione Laghi's commitment to providing unparalleled service, allowing visitors to discover the wonders of Lake Maggiore in a unique and fascinating atmosphere.

An Extraordinary Story

Navigation on Lake Maggiore has a rich and fascinating history, closely linked to technological progress and the introduction of steam. The power generated through the use of steam represented a revolution in the industry, with the first steamboats in the 1920s featuring a wooden hull and rudimentary engines. With the passage of time, these vessels underwent significant evolutions from partially metal constructions to all-iron vessels with large interior saloons and capable of carrying up to seven hundred passengers.

During the nineteenth century, the need to develop efficient communications and the evolution of technology led to the establishment of Navigation Companies, charged with managing transportation service. These companies responded to the growing mobility needs of workers and tourist demands by offering diversified services to meet different passenger expectations.

Boat crews and captains have played a key role in the history of navigation. Initially, each vessel had a captain-accountant and a pilot in charge of navigation. With the advent of steam navigation, new challenges arose, such as managing adverse weather conditions and navigating in foggy or dark conditions.

The history of navigation on Lake Maggiore is a journey through technological evolution, challenges faced and adaptation to the changing needs of society.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to navigate on Lake Maggiore?
To navigate Lake Maggiore, one can rely on the excellent services of Navigazione Laghi.
Where to buy tickets to sail on Lake Maggiore?
You can buy tickets to sail on Lake Maggiore online but also at major landing stages.
From where can you take ferries to Lake Maggiore?
It is possible to take ferries from Arona, Angera, Ascona, Baveno, Belgirate, Brissago, Cannero Riviera, Cannobio, Carciano, Intra, Ispra, Laveno, Locarno, Luino, Maccagno, Meina, Oggebbio, Pallanza, Santa Caterina, Stresa, Villa Taranto.
What is the name of the company that manages navigation on Lake Maggiore?
The company that manages navigation on Lake Maggiore is called "Gestione Governativa Navigazione Laghi."
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