Visit MIDeC, the International Museum of Ceramic Design

Discover the MIDeC of Laveno Mombello, a one-of-a-kind museum fully dedicated to ceramic design, in an experience of works of art, workshops and guided tours.
Entrance to the International Ceramic Design Museum
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The Museo Internazionale Design Ceramico (MIDeC) in Laveno Mombello is a museum dedicated to ceramic design with a strong leaning toward digital and innovation. In addition, the museum's motto "A museum that welcomes you" emphasizes the importance given toward accessibility and the inclusive possibility of being able to get in touch with different initiatives.

A museum that offers

MIDeC, thanks to a wide range of experiences, is able to be a cultural reality appreciated by all kinds of visitors. In particular, starting from the classic visit of the exhibition halls, through the possibility of participating in interactive workshops, specialized exhibitions and guided tours. This type of activity breaks down the classic barriers between visitor and museum: allowing a development of a two-way relationship. Through this, the visitor becomes a co-creator, that is, an integral part of the museum.

Inside the museum is the library containing a multitude of texts and volumes dedicated to the world of ceramics and design, which can be used to further deepen the knowledge of the subject.

Of course, what has made the MIDeC an international landmark is its unique collection of ceramic artworks, with more than 300 objects on display. The exhibition halls include works by international artists and a section devoted to the history of the ceramics industry.

A museum surrounded by nature

The International Ceramic Design Museum is located in a unique natural setting. Behind it is the Sasso del Ferro, the mountain overlooking Laveno Mombello over 1,000 meters high, accessible either on foot or by cable car. In front of the museum, on the other hand, is the breathtaking panorama of Lake Maggiore, with its blinding shades of blue.

A museum that welcomes the virtual

MIDeC presents itself as a place where visitors can dynamically and interactively experience the world of ceramics and design. To this end, the website has developed a section dedicated to virtual tours. It allows visitors to explore the museum from their own homes, offering an immersive experience that is accessible to all.

A museum child of history

Lombardy has always dominated the landscape of ceramic production, thanks in part to the abundance of quality clay and artisans skilled in its processing. This has resulted in a pronounced craftsmanship transformed into industry thanks to the advent of technology. Unfortunately, a gradual disappearance of industrial reality has occurred in recent decades, but this has not prevented the municipality of Laveno Mombello from creating a space that can celebrate the glorious history of ceramics on the shores of Lake Maggiore.


Does the Ceramic Design Museum in Laveno Mombello offer guided tours?
Yes, the museum offers guided tours for visitors who wish to enhance their experience. Reservations are mandatory and can be made by emailing [email protected].
Where is the MIDeC - Museo Internazionale Design Ceramico located?
The Museo Internazionale del Design Ceramico (MIDeC) is located in Cerro di Laveno Mombello (VA), Lungolago Perabò 5.
What is the cost of admission ticket to the MIDeC - International Ceramic Design Museum?
Free admission for children or youths up to 12 years old and people with disabilities. Full ticket price is €6.00, reduced ticket price is €3.00 for individuals over 65, students up to 24 years old, and groups of at least 25 people. Please note that ticket prices are subject to change.
What types of exhibitions can I expect to find at the Ceramic Design Museum?
The museum hosts a wide range of exhibitions that include contemporary ceramics, artworks, product designs, and innovative projects in the field of ceramics. You will be able to admire unique and innovative creations by internationally renowned artists and designers.
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