Explore Ispra on Lake Maggiore: Guide and Hidden Secrets

Ispra, on the shores of Lake Maggiore, is a Lombard pearl where tradition blends with innovation, enchanting with its landscape, rich in history and nature
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Ispra, overlooking the shores of Lake Maggiore, is a Lombard pearl that enchants with its picturesque landscape, rich in history and nature. A place where tradition blends with innovation, offering unique experiences to its visitors.

Where Ispra is located

Ispra is a town in Lombardy, located in the province of Varese, on the left bank of Lake Maggiore, in a stretch known as the "sponda magra." Important for the presence of the JRC - Joint Research Centre of the European Community, Ispra stretches over an undulating territory, characterized by the presence of the lakefront and the two reliefs of Monte del Prete and Monte dei Nassi. The urbanized area also includes flat areas such as Lavorascio and areas close to the railway route, with the coast offering small inlets and rocky slopes marked by traces of ancient lime kilns.

What to do in Ispra

Ispra offers a variety of activities that capture the essence of this charming town on Lake Maggiore. In addition to the romantic "Walk of Love," Ispra invites more adventurous explorations. The route, full of steps and picturesque passages, offers breathtaking views of the lake and its charming disused furnaces, such as the Fornace Salvalada, witnesses to the town's industrial past. These old structures, some converted into private residences, tell the story of lime processing, a centerpiece of the local economy until the 1960s. The walk proves to be a journey through time, where nature and history blend harmoniously. For a refreshing break, the ice cream parlor near St. Martin's Church is the ideal place to enjoy local delicacies. For water lovers, Ispra also offers slow boat tours from Laveno or Leggiuno, allowing you to admire the beauty of the lake from a different perspective.

The Municipality of Ispra

Ispra is a charming Italian town located in the province of Varese, Lombardy, overlooking the left shore of Lake Maggiore. This small town, with a population of about 5,000, is renowned not only for its breathtaking scenery and tranquility, but also for being home to the prestigious Joint Research Center (JRC) or C.C.R., an institute that plays a crucial role in scientific and technological research at the European level.

How to reach Ispra

Reaching Ispra is possible through various means of transportation. The nearest airport is Malpensa, only 28 km away, making Ispra easily accessible for international travelers. By car, it can be reached from Milan by following the A8 highway towards Varese to Gallarate, then the A8-A26 stretch towards Gravellone Toce to the Vergiate-Sesto Calende exit, from where it continues via state road. During the summer, a boat service is also available, adding a picturesque touch to the journey. Ispra is well served by buses of the Autolinee Varesine company, with routes connecting Varese, Angera, and Sesto Calende.

The inhabitants of Ispra

The residents of Ispra are known as ispresi. This designation comes directly from the name of the municipality, reflecting the residents' identity and belonging to this picturesque town overlooking Lake Maggiore. In this community, daily life is influenced by the magnificent natural surroundings and the rich history that characterizes the region, creating a unique bond between people and the place where they live.

The inhabitants of Ispra

Ispra offers numerous opportunities for sports and leisure, making it an ideal destination for those seeking outdoor activities or simple moments of relaxation. Piazzale Olimpia hosts a sports field where residents and visitors can enjoy various physical activities, surrounded by the greenery and tranquility of the place. In addition, Ispra's social life is enlivened by events and festivals, including the local market held every Saturday afternoon in Piazza Firenze. This weekly event is an opportunity to discover local products, meet the community, and immerse oneself in local traditions.

Historical and artistic background in Ispra

Ispra boasts a history that is closely intertwined with its landscape, characterized by the hills of Monte del Prete and Monte dei Nassi, from which limestone was once quarried to build Milan Cathedral. Historical documents, such as a parchment from 826 AD, testify to the ancient existence of Ispra, also mentioned by Gaudenzio Merula in 1538 for its rugged and rocky nature. Ispra's historical heritage includes ruins of Roman-Barbaric fortresses and the church of San Cristoforo, along with six other chapels scattered throughout the municipality, dating back to the 13th century. Ispra is rich in archaeological finds dating settlements to the "Final Golasecca II" period. In particular, the locality of Barza, once an autonomous municipality, is home to a medieval villa and the church of Saints Quirico and Giulitta, rebuilt in 1880 on the ruins of the ancient house of worship. The church of San Martino, an artistic jewel with 17th-century frescoes, derives from the union of two pre-existing churches. Also at the entrance to the town stands a temple dedicated to the memory of Countess Antonietta Castelbarco Albani, next to the old port, built in 1868.

Patronal festivals in Ispra

Ispra's patron festivals celebrate St. Martin the Bishop on Nov. 11, a time of celebration that involves the entire community. In late August, "Cascine in festa," a gastronomic event featuring Valtellina food stands and dance music, organized by the Cascine Onlus Committee, is held in the Cascine locality. Around mid-August, Ispra's lakefront becomes the stage for "Ferragosto isprese," a festival that offers food stands and concludes with spectacular fireworks, thanks to the organization of the Pro Loco Ispra.

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Where is Ispra located?
Ispra is located in Lombardy, province of Varese, overlooking the left shore of Lake Maggiore.
What to see in Ispra?
In Ispra, visit the Church of St. Martin the Bishop, the historic kilns, the Castelbarco Mausoleum, and Villa Castelli, seat of the municipality.
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