The lakeside promenade of Luino: a walk along Lake Maggiore

Explore Luino and the beautiful Lake Maggiore, discover its lakeside and Parco a Lago. Enjoy relaxing walks, admire Art Nouveau villas and historical monuments.
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It's easy to see how Luino's lakefront is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful walks on the entire Lake Maggiore. For nearly two kilometers, you can follow a path laden with points of interest in a literally breathtaking landscape setting.

Luino and Lake Maggiore

Luino, the lakefront and Lake Maggiore have been in symbiosis for hundreds of years. There are several ways in which these elements interact with each other. Luino has a pier from which ships arrive and depart from Switzerland, often loaded with tourists visiting the Luino market. Also in Luino is a major port where boats of all types and sizes can dock and find assistance. Luino's main beach is at the end of the lakefront in the direction of Maccagno in the Serenelle locality, where deck chairs and umbrellas can be rented in the summer months.

Luino lakeside promenade

The park at Lago: a wonderful attraction

The centerpiece of Luino's lakefront is the Parc a Lago. It is a path of about one and a half kilometers in which it is possible to walk along the lake, touching Luino's landmarks such as Palazzo Verbania and Piazza Libertá. The Parco a Lago is a project started in 2011 and still in progress, in which we tried to give the city of Luino a real jewel capable of giving pleasant moments to inhabitants and tourists.

Routes and itineraries along the Luino lakefront

The nearly two-kilometer walk along Luino's lakefront takes about an hour, pleasantly immersed in a unique pre-alpine natural setting. This walk is classifiable as easy since it has no difficulty or inclines of any kind. It starts from Porto Nuovo, where there is ample parking, all the way to Serenelle Beach. Luino has become an ideal destination in which to spend a relaxing day. It can be reached by train, boat, and of course by car. During spring and summer days, hundreds of people flock to Luino's lakefront. While children play in the dedicated play area, parents can safely relax on the lawn admiring a breathtaking view, or appreciate a cool drink at one of the many lakeside bars.

Luino's lakeside: a paradise for children

Luino's lakeside promenade proves to be a real paradise for children, offering a series of attractions and entertainment designed especially for them. Along the promenade, there are numerous colourful merry-go-rounds, swings, slides and climbing frames, allowing the little ones to experience moments of joy and happiness in a festive atmosphere. During the warmer months, fountains spraying water are a popular attraction for children and parents alike, providing an opportunity to cool off and have fun in the summer sun.

The lakeside area has been designed to ensure the safety of visitors and, in particular, children. With numerous pedestrian areas and well-maintained pavements, parents can relax and enjoy their walk along the lake, knowing that their children can play and have fun in a protected and peaceful environment.

Future prospects for Luino's lakeside promenade

Luino's lakefront, already fascinating and evocative in itself, has great potential for the future, with ambitious projects that could further enhance it and make it one of the most beautiful promenades in the world. Among these is the idea of extending the lakeside route as far as Germignaga and, potentially, as far as Maccagno. This extension would make it possible to create a unique itinerary that would allow visitors to appreciate the scenic wonders of Lake Maggiore in all their majesty.

A key element of this project would be the creation of a cycle path along the entire route, offering an ecological and healthy alternative for exploring the area. This would allow cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy a panoramic view of the lake, cycling in an enchanting environment surrounded by nature.

The realisation of this lakefront extension and cycle path could have a significant impact on local tourism, attracting visitors from all over the world and contributing to the economic development of the region. Furthermore, this project could strengthen cooperation between neighbouring municipalities, creating new opportunities for the development of shared infrastructure and services, such as bicycle rental points, picnic areas and accommodation facilities.

What to see on Luino's lakefront

Along the route of the promenade, one can admire numerous vestiges of Luino's Art Nouveau past, most notably the villas on Dante Avenue. One also passes the former Villa Hussy, the former Hotel Simplon and the monument dedicated to Garibaldi. As mentioned earlier, we continue past the Verbania palace, the AVAV sailing club, and also religious buildings such as the Carmine church and the church of San Giuseppe. One of the most characteristic elements is the old port, where you can admire the golden madonnina facing the lake.
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