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Discover the historic centre of Luino, its history and traditions. Stroll among the shops, the house of Piero Chiara and the Church of Saints Peter and Paul
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One of the most characteristic elements of central Luino is its historic heart. It stretches from the old port to Piazza Libertá, penetrating a few hundred meters into the interior of the town, reaching as far as Piazza San Francesco and Piazza Risorgimento. Luino's historic center is extensively exploited by the Wednesday market, a day when virtually the entire area is occupied by stalls of all kinds.

The attractions of the historic center of Luino

It is possible to define Via Felice Cavallotti as the beating heart of Luino's historic center. In the past, this street was known as "the merchants' district," while more recently it has been referred to as "the artists' street" due to the presence of numerous artisans' and artists' workshops.

The historic center starts from the lake, particularly the Old Port, a structure of Austrian origin in which one can admire the golden madonnina facing the lake. It can also be accessed from the Piazza Libertám by following a similar route inland from the town. Entering Via Felice Cavallotti, it is possible to notice the first attraction of the center of Luino, the house where the most representative artist of Luino was born: Piero Chiara.

Continuing into the historic center, one finds the abandoned Pellegrini cinema, once the cultural center of Luino, and now sadly in disuse. Finally we come to the church of Saints Peter and Paul, whose construction was started by Cardinal Carlo Borromeo in 1574, while its current dimensions were reached around 1836. The historic center ends at the height of Piazza San Francesco, from where one continues to Switzerland.

Historic center of Luino

The stores in the historic center of Luino

One of the most pleasant aspects of walking through the streets of Luino's historic center is the presence of numerous craft stores. These small businesses are fundamental to maintaining the typical and folkloric character to Luino's historic center. There are food stores, art studios, as well as restaurants, souvenir stores, hairdressers, and bookstores. Stopping to chat with the people who make up the historic center is an opportunity to discover details of a Luino that is slowly disappearing.

The house of Piero Chiara

Piero Chiara's house, located in the heart of the historic centre of Luino, is a place rich in history and culture. The house is located in Via Cavallotti, a winding street described by the author himself as 'the tortuous wrinkle', where 'innumerable windows open to the acerbic air'.

Born on 23 March 1913, Chiara spent most of his life in this house, which became the inspiration for many of his novels. Commemorative walks are often held to remember the great Luino writer, where participants can reflect on his literary works and the deep connection between the author and his beloved town of Luino.

Route through the historic centre of Luino

If you decide to spend some time in the picturesque old town of Luino, you can fully appreciate its beauty in about an hour, unless you want to linger longer in the various shops and shops. The walk begins in the heart of this charming village, where you can admire historic buildings, squares and cobbled lanes.

The route winds its way through narrow streets and stone houses, dating back to different eras, which bear witness to Luino's rich history. Along the way, you will come across numerous craft workshops, shops selling typical products and restaurants offering the opportunity to buy souvenirs or taste local specialities. These stops can lengthen the visiting time, making the walk even more pleasant and relaxing.

The walk through the historic centre of Luino is also characterised by its ups and downs, typical of the hilly terrain in which the town is located. These changes in altitude offer splendid views of Lake Maggiore and the surrounding mountains, providing moments of pause and contemplation along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the historic center of Luino located?
The historic center of Luino is located from the old port to Via XV agosto, going a few hundred meters into the interior of the village
Where to park near the historic centre of Luino?
You can use the same parking lots dedicated to the Luino market, so the lakefront parking lot and the Ex Visonva parking lot
What are the main monuments in the historic center of Luino?
The main monuments in the historic center of Luino are the birth house of Piero Chiara, as well as the Church of Saints Peter and Paul
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