Discover Monteviasco, Culinary Magic and Mountain Rest.

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience in Monteviasco: dinner, overnight stay and breakfast through the customs, rhythms and flavors of the mountains.
Experience Monteviasco Caffe di Buongiorno
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Alchemy of Flavors: A Culinaro Journey into the Heart of the Mountain

Immerse yourself in an authentic mountain dining experience, where each meal becomes a journey through local flavors. The art of shared preparation is revealed in the common room, transforming pasta doughs and noodles into moments of conviviality and discovery. Dinner is enriched with a magical alchemy thanks to edible herbs and fresh vegetables, grown with dedication by farms in the valley. In the morning, the hamlet's ancient pie recipe introduces breakfast, marking the beginning of a new day of exploration. Pure spring water and the opportunity to taste organic wines, available separately, complete the experience. Booking this experience means savoring dinner, enjoying an overnight stay and waking up with a breakfast immersed in authentic mountain traditions and flavors.

Important Message

Monteviasco can only be reached via the stairway as the cable car is not operational.


- Unique experience in a pristine environment.
- Dinner, overnight stay and breakfast in the exclusive village of Monteviasco.
- Put your hands in the dough, learn by doing and taste the results.
- Authentic cooking class led by Laura, professional chef
- Discovery of local traditions in a hamlet accessible only on foot or by cable car.
- Intimacy and tranquility guaranteed in a magical place suspended in time.

To Know


Duration (hours)


Price (€) Adult


Price (€) Child


Max Participants


Meeting Point Address

Curiglia con Monteviasco, Varese, Italia

Voucher Duration (months)



- Participation in dinner preparation with local ingredients.
- Gourmet dinner in the charming village of Monteviasco.
- Fresh and comfortable bedding for optimal rest.
- Traditional breakfast to start the day with energy.
- Access to showers for comfort and refreshment.


- Transportation to Monteviasco.
- Beverages and alcohol.
- Extra activities and guided tours in and around the village.
- Additional meals and snacks outside those provided.

What to Bring

- Comfortable shoes for walking.
- Clothing suitable for the mountains.
- Flashlight or headlamp for the evening.
- Personal and necessary items for overnight stay.

Not Allowed

- No loud music or disturbing noise.
- Prohibition of lighting fires.
- Smoking is prohibited in indoor and common areas.

Not Suitable For

- Not suitable for those who have difficulty walking or climbing steps.
- Not recommended for those seeking nightlife or urban entertainment.
- Not ideal for those who do not appreciate quiet and nature.

Cancellation Policy

- Free cancellation within 1 week of arrival date.
- Beyond the week, 50% of the total cost will be charged.
- No refunds for cancellations less than 24 hours before arrival.

Kids Policy

- Children under 3 years stay free of charge (crib included).
- There is a reduced rate for children up to 12 years old.
- Guests 13 years and older are considered adults for payment purposes.

Animal Policy

- Small pets allowed on request, with possible surcharge.
- Constant supervision of animals by owners is required.
- Pets are not allowed in common areas during meal times.


- Italian
- English

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the dining experience in Monteviasco include?
The culinary experience in Monteviasco includes participation in dinner preparation with local ingredients, a gourmet dinner, overnight stay in quaint homes, and a traditional breakfast.
Is it possible to explore the village of Monteviasco during the stay?
During your stay in Monteviasco, you will have the opportunity to explore the village, discovering its history, architecture, and local traditions in a unique and atmospheric setting.
Can I bring my pet to the experience in Monteviasco?
Small pets are welcome in Monteviasco upon request, with the supervision of the owners, ensuring that they respect the rules of the village and host facilities.
What are the transportation options for getting to Monteviasco?
Currently, Monteviasco is only accessible via the historic staircase from the hamlet of Piero, allowing full immersion in nature.
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