From Cannobio to Luino: Exploring the Wednesday Boat Market

Discover the unique and exclusive experience of the historic Luino Market: enjoy a comfortable boat ride from Cannobio. Guaranteed departures every Wednesday
Boat in Navigation between Cannobio and the Market in Luino
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From Cannobio to the Luino Market: Journey by Boat

The experience offers a crossing of Lake Maggiore from Cannobio to Luino, culminating with a visit to the famous Wednesday market. Guests enjoy a comfortable and scenic water transport, savoring the scenic beauty. Luino's market, renowned for its history and vibrancy, welcomes travelers with its wealth of goods and traditions. Morning departures and afternoon returns allow you to fully experience the market atmosphere. An excursion designed for lovers of culture, shopping and lake adventures.


Important Message

  • Time of Departure from Cannobio:
    1. First departure: 9:30 a.m.
    2. Second Departure: 10:30
  • Return Times from Luino:
    1. First return: 1:30 pm
    2. Second return: 2:30 pm

Departures are confirmed every Tuesday evening. In case of cancellation, we offer a full refund.



- Breathtaking boat experience on Lake Maggiore.
- Discovery of Luino's historic market since 1541.
- Comfortable and stylish travel with Taxi Boat.
- Quick and easy access to the market with no parking worries.

To Know


Duration (hours)


Price (€) Adult


Price (€) Child


Max Participants


Meeting Point Address

Cannobio, Verbania Cusio-Ossola, Italia

Voucher Duration (months)



- Cannobio-Luino round trip crossing.
- Multilingual customer service on board.
- Guaranteed punctuality and comfort during transportation.


- Food services and meals.
- Customized tour guides at the market.
- Tips for crew, optional.

What to Bring

- Valid ID for possible checks.
- Comfortable clothing suitable for the climate.
- Sunscreen and hat during the summer months.
- Water and snacks if desired for the trip.

Not Allowed

- Consuming alcohol without the crew's permission.
- Throw litter in the water or on board.
- Use of loud sound equipment such as speakers.
- Bringing bulky or dangerous items on board.

Not Suitable For

- This experience is open to all

Cancellation Policy

- Tickets are fully refundable.

Kids Policy

- Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Animal Policy

- Owners are requested to maintain control of the animals at all times.


- Italian
- English
- German

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How to buy or gift this experience?

1. Enter the number of participants
2. Enter your details and proceed to payment
- You will immediately receive the voucher
- We will contact you to manage the date of the experience
The voucher is not personal, so it can be transferred to third parties.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book the trip in advance?
Yes, it is recommended to book in advance to guarantee a seat on board on market days.
What happens in case of bad weather?
The service may be subject to change; in case of inclement weather, check with the operator for cancellation or postponement policies.
Is a tour guide service available at the market?
No, the Taxi Boat service only includes transportation. Guests can explore the Luino market on their own.
Are there any luggage restrictions on board?
Large luggage may be restricted due to space and security issues. It is recommended to bring only what is necessary for the day.

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