Discover the Christmas Tradition at Luino's Bibliovillage

Discover the enchanting Christmas Bibliovillage in Luino, a market combining tradition and crafts. Open in December it offers a unique Christmas experience.
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Luino, thanks to the Bibliovillage, is preparing in the best possible way to celebrate Christmas. The Christmas Bibliovillage of Luino, on Lake Maggiore, is a Christmas market located near Ferrini Park and the Luino municipal library. This initiative will take the form of a true Christmas village where local products and crafts can be purchased. The Christmas Bibliovillage will be a magical discovery where tradition, passion, history, art, landscape and culture will merge to give citizens and visitors an unforgettable and enveloping Christmas experience.

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Nuova Pro Loco Città di Luino
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Parco Ferrini, Luino, Italia
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The Christmas Bibliovillage of Luino

The Christmas Bibliovillage of Luino is a Christmas market that will come to life in December 2023 near the Ferrini Park and the Luino Municipal Library.

The Luino Bibliovillage is a project that will take the form of a Christmas village built with typical wooden cottages where Christmas markets will be set up where it will be possible to buy handicraft, local, food and wine products.

How to Get to the Christmas Bibliovillage in Luino

Luino, in the province of Varese, is a Lombardy municipality on Lake Maggiore. Reaching Luino is conveniently possible either independently by car (Autostrada dei Laghi) or by public transportation such as by bus, train, and ferry.
  • - By Automobile: from Milan to the province of Varese (Autostrada dei Laghi)
  • - By Train: from Milan with change at Gallarate in the direction of Luino
  • - By Bus: through the Autolinee Varesine service line N°10 with a stop in Luino (VA)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Christmas Bibliovillage in Luino?
The Natala Bibliovillage in Luino is a Christmas event scheduled for December
Where is the Christmas Bibliovillage located in Luino?
The Christmas Bibliovillage in Luino is located at Ferrini Park, Via Cesare Battisti, 21016 Luino (VA)
When is the Christmas Bibliovillage organized in Luino?
Christmas Bibliovillage in Luino is organized in December
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