The Lake Maggiore cable car: space in the sky for flying

The Lake Maggiore cable car in Laveno Mombello is one of the top attractions in northern Italy. Let yourself be surprised by the summit of Mount Sasso del Ferro
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Discover the Lake Maggiore cable car and let it take you to the Iron Sasso mountain to enjoy an extraordinary experience in a unique and special way.

Timetable for The Lake Maggiore Cable Car

The Lake Maggiore cable car provides access to the summit of Mount Sasso del Ferro from Laveno Mombello. The system consists of open and closed two-seater gondolas. From the top, the viewer can admire the vast panorama of Lake Maggiore with the Alps, the Pre-Alps, and the Lombard lakes.

Schedules, which can be viewed on a specific web page, also vary each year depending on the seasons.

Prices and Tickets for the Lake Maggiore Cable Car

Ticket prices for the Lake Maggiore cable car vary depending on several factors including age group, the sports equipment you wish to carry on the trip, and whether or not you live in Laveno Mombello.

For the round trip, the ticket is 12 euros.

The following are entitled to the reduced ticket: children under 12 years of age, disabled, handicapped, military, C.A.I. members, residents of Comunità Montana della Valli del Verbano, and groups of more than 25 people.

To find out the rates for the different categories in detail, it is advisable to visit the official website of the Lake Maggiore Cableway.

Getting to the Lake Maggiore Cable Car

The Lake Maggiore cable car is located in Laveno Mombello in the province of Varese. It connects Laveno-Mombello to the Poggio di Sant'Elsa. Funivie del Lago Maggiore SRL is located at Via Don C. Tinelli 15 21014, Laveno Mombello (VA).

Reaching the cable car is easily possible via car and public transportation service:
  • - By car: Lakes Highway from Varese to Laveno Mombello
  • - By bus: Line No. 03 from Luino (VA) - Line No. 18 from Ispra (VA) : Autolinee Varesine
  • - By train: From Milano Cadorna station with exit Laveno Mombello lake
  • - By ferry: From Intra (Verbano-Cusio-Ossola) to Laveno Mombello (Varese)
  • - On foot: From the center of Laveno Mombello or from Casere

Discovering the Iron Rock

Exploring the Iron Rock is a wonderful experience where the Alps and the whole mountain scenery provide an unforgettable view.

Sasso del Ferro is a mountain in Lombardy of 1062 m a.s.l. It towers above Lake Maggiore above the town of Laveno Mombello (VA). It belongs to the mountain range of the Northwestern Alps. It is also part of the section of the Lugano Pre-Alps in particular the Piambello-Campo dei Fiori-Nudo chain and the subsection of the Varese Pre-Alps.

The mountain stands as an imposing mass above the lake landscape and encroaches on the entire surrounding area. During the passage of time, Sasso del Ferro has also been referred to as Horseshoe and Scereda. The importance of this mountainous area lies in the fact that it is delineated by several routes to reach the summit located in the locality of ''Pizzone'' also known as ''Poggio di S.Elsa.'' From the latter it is possible to admire an extraordinary mountain and lake panorama.

The mountain is also considered as a landmark for practicing two sports activities such as paragliding and hang gliding. Trekking enthusiasts often choose Sasso del Ferro as their destination by plunging into the woods of Laveno Mombello and heading to the various trekking trails set up to reach the summit.

Some points from which to start the mountain are as follows:
  • - From Casere, a small town in Laveno Mombello, located 750 m above sea level and accessible from the towns of Cittiglio and Vararo. The trail is located near the ''Gigliola'' restaurant. The length of the trail is 2 km with an elevation gain of 300 m.
  • - From the center of Laveno Mombello following two paths. The first is steep and follows the trajectory of the basket trail. The length is 3.5 km. The second route starts from Laveno by parking the car in Via Repubblica. From here the path through the woods from Laveno to Casere starts.

History of the Lake Maggiore Cable Car

The history of the Lake Maggiore cable car refers to Rag. Mario Bianchi, who came up with the first idea for the ascent to the top of Mount Sasso del Ferro. In 1960, work began. The first plant was built by the company Telemeccanica Atesina. Plant that was overhauled by the company Panzeri. The inauguration was on April 24, 1963. In 1965 it passed to the company Rossi & Mattioni (Gemonio). The cable car went into operation in 1963. Since then, it has been renovated: the current transformation is the result of various financing.

In 2003, the Lake Maggiore Cableway Company won a regional call for grants and interventions to modernize the safety level of cableways. Subsequently, the fate of the Cable Car seemed to come to a halt. The municipality, the Mountain Community of Valcuvia and the Province of Varese intervened.

On December 22, 2004, new work began, ending on January 25, 2006. The construction of the new plant was entrusted to the company CCM Finotello. The cabins are larger (53 open cabins and 27 closed cabins that increase in winter). The bidonvia facility has a capacity of 284 people. The inauguration took place with the main authorities, and the Lake Maggiore Cableway was thus reopened to the public permanently.

What to do around the Lake Maggiore Cable Car

Exceptional experiences can be conducted around the Lake Maggiore Cable Car. On the top of Mount Sasso del Ferro there are bars, restaurants and hotels dedicated to the well-being and rest of the visitor who can enjoy the magical place where he will be.

Also, near the Cable Car is the Midec (International Museum of Ceramic Design) which gives a moment in local art and design. Isola Madre will be another prominent attraction for a curious visitor looking for new adventures.

The Lake Maggiore Cable Car is also located in close proximity to the lakeside promenade, which leads passersby into a refined and altogether picturesque atmosphere. Within walking distance of the cable car, there is also the Laveno Civic Library, a unique cultural space. Spending time in these places will allow tourists to learn a great deal about the Lake Maggiore area.

In general, the Borromean Islands are another terrific destination where to enjoy the mountain and lake scenery.

At Christmas time, it is possible to admire the magical Underwater Crib in Laveno Mombello, which is displayed right near the Lake Maggiore Cable Car. In essence, the entire surrounding area of the Cable Car is rich in scenic, cultural and social attractions.


How can I get to the Lake Maggiore Cable Car?
You can reach the Lake Maggiore Cable Car on foot or by public transportation service.
What activities can I do once I get to the top of the Lake Maggiore Cable Car?
Once you get to the top of the Lake Maggiore Cable Car, you can walk on the summit of Mount Sasso del Ferro, photograph unforgettable scenery, practice various sports, and stay and eat at restaurants and hotels.
What is the ticket cost for the Lake Maggiore Cable Car?
The cost of a ticket for the Lake Maggiore Cable Car is Euro 12 for round trip.
What are the operating hours of the Lake Maggiore Cable Car?
The operating hours of the Lake Maggiore Cable Car are subject to change from year to year, and for this reason it is not possible to set a definitive and permanent schedule.

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