Christmas Night at the Living Nativity in Brezzo di Bedero

The Living Nativity in Brezzo di Bedero offers a reenactment of the nativity of the baby Jesus. It combines history, religion and art for an unforgettable night
Night view of the Living Nativity in the Rectory in Brezzo di Bedero
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The living nativity scene in Brezzo di Bedero, in the province of Varese, is one of the major Christmas events on Lake Maggiore. It is a re-enactment of the Nativity with fully characterized living characters. The context of Palestine is reconstructed with historical customs and traditions. To participate in this Christmas tradition in Brezzo di Bedero is to celebrate Christmas in three hundred and sixty degrees where history, religion, art, landscape and faith come together to commemorate the birth of the baby Jesus. The Brezzo di Bedero living nativity scene is a unique Christmas attraction where everyone can share in the magic of the historical-religious event.

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Gli Amici del Presepe Vivente
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Canonica di Brezzo di Bedero
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- Ore 20.45: opening to the public
- Ore 21.30: start of the Nativity play
- Ore 22.00: Holy Mass in Canonica
At the end of Mass, polenta and zola, mulled wine, hot tea and chocolate.

- Ore 11: Holy Mass in Canonica
- Ore 12: arrival of the Three Kings

History of the Living Nativity of Brezzo di Bedero

The story of the living nativity scene in Brezzo di Bedero, in the province of Varese on Lake Maggiore, is a Christmas symbol of the entire community. In winter 2019, the thirty-eighth edition was held and was a huge success. Generally, the initiative is organized by the parish with the sponsorship of the municipality.

The Christmas tradition of the living nativity scene in Brezzo di Bedero begins with the celebration of Holy Mass and is renewed every year on Christmas night with joy and passion. On this occasion, the small town of Brezzo di Bedero, in the Alto Varesotto, re-enacts the Nativity and Palestine, through period customs and costumes, to give participants a unique emotion to experience. The birth of the baby Jesus, which took place in Bethlehem, is honored and remembered. The origins of the Brezzo di Bedero living nativity scene date back to 1980: the year the first major edition was organized.

A significant aspect of the Brezzo di Bedero living nativity scene is the fact that it is also organized during Epiphany on January 6 to celebrate the arrival of the Three Kings.

Where to park for the Living Nativity

Two areas are recommended for parking to reach the Living Nativity.

Parcheggio gratuito via Baumgartner

Questo parcheggio e' consigliato per la grande disponibilità di posti, e perché consente una piacevole passeggiata sino alla Canonica della durata di circa 20 minuti.

Parcheggio presepe in Via Monte Grappa

Questo parcheggio viene appositamente predisposto per il Presepe Vivente, e si contraddistingue per la sua vicinanza alla Canonica

How to Get to the Living Nativity in Brezzo di Bedero

To reach the Living Nativity in Brezzo di Bedero, please refer to the address of the municipality : Via Roma 60, 21010 - Brezzo di Bedero (VA).

The Holy Mass preceding the event is celebrated in the Collegiate Church of San Vittore Martire - Via Canonica, 17, 21010 - Bedero (VA).

Reaching Brezzo di Bedero is possible either by car or through public transportation services such as train and bus:
  • - By Automobile: from the Lakes Highway from Varese to Brezzo di Bedero (VA)
  • - By Train: Stop Porto Valtravaglia (VA)
  • - By Bus: From Luino through the Autolinee Varesine service line No. 03

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Living Nativity in Brezzo di Bedero unique?
What makes the Brezzo di Bedero living nativity scene unique is the emblematic union of the display itself, which embraces tradition, religion, history, art, landscape, faith and culture.
Where and when does the Brezzo di Bedero Living Nativity take place?
The Brezzo di Bedero living nativity scene takes place in Italy in the municipality of Brezzo di Bedero (VA) on Christmas night from 9 p.m. onward where the whole community gathers for Mass and then during Epiphany.
What are the scenes depicted in the Living Nativity in Brezzo di Bedero?
The scenes depicted in Brezzo di Bedero's living nativity scene are those that refer to the Nativity: the Holy Family in the illuminated manger in Bethlehem where baby Jesus was born, the shepherds and animals as they work in ancient crafts, and finally the coming of the Magi who donated gold, frankincense and myrrh.
What kind of event is the Living Nativity in Brezzo di Bedero?
The Christmas event of the Brezzo di Bedero living nativity scene is an extraordinary occasion where all citizens and the faithful can immerse themselves and delve into the magic of the Nativity. There is a historical and religious atmosphere in the atmosphere where anyone can approach the magic of Christmas. The clothing and objects of the characters stand out in the landscape,which welcomes the visitor in a most powerful re-enactment of Bethlehem.

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