The Best Christmas Traditions and Events on Lake Maggiore

Discover magical Christmas traditions on Lake Maggiore: from the little lights in Leggiuno to the nativity scene in Laveno and the one in Brezzo di Bedero.
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Spending Christmas on Lake Maggiore is a magical experience involving many attractions. During the holiday season, the landscape of Lake Maggiore is enriched with spectacular scenery where traditions, customs and traditions intertwine and provide an exceptional Christmas atmosphere.
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Lucine of Leggiuno

The Leggiuno Lights are one of the biggest Christmas events on Lake Maggiore. It is a magical visit inside a pathway totally illuminated and decorated with a Christmas theme. In 1999, the founding father of the event, a Leggiunese decided to decorate his house and garden with countless small lights. The effect was astonishing and was able to attract many visitors. In this way, the actual Leggiuno small lights event on Lake Maggiore was born. It is a bewitching reality where bundles of lights and traditional Christmas carols accompany visitors during the enchanting light walk.

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Underwater Crib of Laveno

The underwater nativity scene in Laveno Mombello, in the province of Varese, is located at the bottom of the town shores of Lake Maggiore in Laveno Mombello. This nativity scene is one of the major Christmas events on Lake Maggiore and has become a landmark symbol of Christmas for all the citizens of the area and also for the many tourists who visit each year. The statues, illuminated and immersed on the bottom of the waters of Lake Maggiore, re-enact the Nativity in a totally original and unique reality. Elements such as art, religion, history, landscape, tradition and culture come together to give a totally immersive experience.

Night view of the Living Nativity in the Rectory in Brezzo di Bedero

Living Nativity of Bedero

The living nativity scene in Brezzo di Bedero, in the province of Varese, is one of the major Christmas events on Lake Maggiore. It is a re-enactment of the Nativity with fully characterized living characters. The context of Palestine is reconstructed with historical customs and traditions. To participate in this Christmas tradition in Brezzo di Bedero is to celebrate Christmas in three hundred and sixty degrees where history, religion, art, landscape and faith come together to commemorate the birth of the baby Jesus. The Brezzo di Bedero living nativity scene is a unique Christmas attraction where everyone can share in the magic of the historical-religious event.

Porto Valtravaglia Christmas Market Poster

Christmas Markets in Porto Valtravaglia

The picturesque village of Porto Valtravaglia is dressed up to welcome the Christmas Markets. On Dec. 2 and 3 2023, more than 100 exhibitors will enliven the streets with Christmas stalls, offering crafts, food and entertainment. The magic of Santa's Village and joyful Christmas carols will not be missed.

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Luino Bibliovillage

Luino, thanks to the Bibliovillage, is preparing in the best possible way to celebrate Christmas. The Christmas Bibliovillage of Luino, on Lake Maggiore, is a Christmas market located near Ferrini Park and the Luino municipal library. This initiative will take the form of a true Christmas village where local products and crafts can be purchased. The Christmas Bibliovillage will be a magical discovery where tradition, passion, history, art, landscape and culture will merge to give citizens and visitors an unforgettable and enveloping Christmas experience.


Best Christmas Events on Lake Maggiore

The best Christmas events on Lake Maggiore are mainly the little lights in Leggiuno, the sunken nativity scene in Laveno Mombello, and the Living Nativity in Brezzo di Bedero. These are magical realities where anyone can admire the beauty and atmosphere of Christmas on Lake Maggiore. These events recur every year in December and give unforgettable and surprising moments. They can be visited in company, with family or friends to fully experience Christmas on Lake Maggiore.

Christmas events on Lake Maggiore are interconnected and generate a supportive energy throughout the area. Essentially, they are gatherings among the entire population.

Christmas History and Traditions on Lake Maggiore

The history and traditions of Christmas on Lake Maggiore go back a long way and are for all intents and purposes part of the cultural and scenic heritage of the area. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus and the Christmas tradition pours much importance into the nativity scene that is, into the religiosity of this holiday. As artist Giuseppe Bollini tells us : ''The first paper nativity scenes appear in Baroque Italy but spread particularly in Lombardy between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.''

Later, the nativity scene will be composed of fine figurines of different kinds. It is a very important religious symbol that serves as a reference point for all the faithful. Later, the nativity tradition will evolve to organize living nativity scenes, which are very popular and well-known throughout Italy.

Christmas traditions in Lake Maggiore, in addition to nativity scenes, mainly include markets and stalls with various typical products where handicrafts and both savory and sweet foods can be purchased.

Christmas on Lake Maggiore is also characterized by the Christmas trees which are decorated, decorated and illuminated in different ways. They are configured as bright spots in the midst of the mountainous and lake landscape, thus giving a magical atmosphere pervaded by light.

Obviously, to this day, Santa Claus is also a prominent character in the Christmas tradition on Lake Maggiore and is loved and celebrated as a symbolic figure of Christmas.

Finally, an 'important and ancient Christmas tradition in the region is that of the Christmas log, which consisted of letting a large log of wood burn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find updated information about Christmas events on Lake Maggiore?
Up-to-date information on Christmas events in Lake Maggiore can be found on the web pages of municipalities in the Lake Maggiore area or on web pages dedicated to specific events.
Are public transportation services available on Lake Maggiore during the Christmas season?
Yes there are public transportation services on Lake Maggiore during the Christmas period e.g. buses, trains, ferries and boats but they may be subject to change due to the holiday season.
What are the main Christmas events taking place on Lake Maggiore?
The main Christmas events that take place on Lake Maggiore during the Christmas season are the little lights in Leggiuno, the sunken nativity scene in Laveno Mombello, and the Living Nativity in Brezzo di Bedero.
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